Wobworld Inc. is a 501 C (3) Nonprofit Corporation created by Rosalind Goly and Sam Stevens. The company’s headquarters is in Las Vegas, NV. Together Rosalind and Sam have developed an extraordinary Children’s Interactive Educational Multimedia Experience. It is in this world that children’s imagination and love of learning are sparked. The educational platform of Wobworld was designed for children (ages 2 through 6) and their parents by a team of educators and certified child psychologists.  

The Wobworld Television Show is a breakthrough in the way children will watch and learn through television. We are producing a completely new and innovative animated children’s television show that targets a critical age group that has never been attempted in the history of children’s programming. The fine technique used to astutely implant learning into a vibrant, animated, fun, environment. Wobworld is a world filled with colorful characters and lively music that will immediately capture and hold fast the preschooler’s attention. The shows cast of characters promote socially accepted behavior making exciting discoveries about science, nature, and the world around them.



Rosalind Goly, Chairman of the Board of Wobworld is honored and ecstatic to publicly announce the appointment of Barbara Lee Woollen to the prestigious position of Director of the Arts for the Wobworld Corporation. Barbara Lee’s high energy and go-to attitude redefines what we know as the “Entrepreneurial Spirit.” As a lifetime patron of the arts, Barbara brings to Wobworld her vast knowledge of Fine Art, Performing Arts, and Literature. In real-life she is the owner of the celebrated Vignettes Art Center in Henderson, NV. 

As an animated character in the Wobworld Television Show on PBS, Barbara will be featured at the Vignettes Art Center in Wobfalls. In addition, by using live action video for the Wobworld Interactive website, the user can visit the Vignettes Art Center online and experience the world of art like never before. Rosalind excitedly stated that “presently, Vignettes Art Center is known to a rather limited art community, but as soon as the Wobworld website launches, Barbara Lee Woollen and her Vignettes Art Center will be a featured attraction in schools not only across the United States but in every country, worldwide!” 

Read more about Barbara Lee’s amazing career by clicking here

Sindy McKay - Lead Writer for The Wobworld Television Series


Sindy McKay is a Five-time Emmy Award, three time Humanitas Award winning animation writer specializing in edu-tainment and preschool projects. Has written animation projects in coordination with the National Science Foundation, UNESCO, Children’s Television Workshop, Jim Henson and many more. Children’s books include over 30 titles. Work as in house story editor for “Treasure Bay Publishing”.Comedy a specialty

- worked as a stand-up comic for several years and co-created an all female improv group called “All Those Women.” Animation studios worked for include Moonscoop, Disney Television Animation, Marvel, Henson, Film Roman and more. Also written toy based property scripts for MGA, Fisher Price, Mattel and more.



STARFIRE, A Local Las Vegas Web Design Firm To Build Wobworld's Educational Website

Rosalind Goly, Chairman of The Board of Wobworld, is ecstatic to announce that STARFIRE Web Design will be the sole developers for Wobworld’s educational website. This website will work in tandem with the PBS series and will be a fully interactive, high tech, learning website that will surpass every other educational website available. 

Starfire Web Design is a digital marketing company based out of Las Vegas that offers a broad range of marketing solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Starfire was founded in 2015 and has enjoyed steady growth by employing a strong commitment to building excellent customer relationships and delivering the highest quality products and services. Starfire employs some of the most talented web designers, hard coders, graphic designers, content writers and social media management staff in the country and our SEO team is nationally recognized as the #1 team in the country and are frequently asked to be keynote speakers at SEO conferences. None of the work that we do is outsourced. All our employees are employed in the United States.

Starfire has clients in 16 states and 4 countries, and we have expanded our base by opening offices in Portland, OR, in the summer of 2017, with plans to open offices in Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA in the near future. Click here for Starfire Web Design, Las Vegas.


MG STUDIO and Production Company Will Produce All of Wobworld's Live Action Films

MG Studio is coming up to its 15th year in developing multimedia content for films, documentaries, corporate media and national television ads from around the world. Theirs is a fresh and innovative approach to developing unique media content that is perfect for Wobworld’s series of short films that will enhance the experience of their educational website. MG Studio will be creatively involved in every step towards our vision and overall “Edu-tainment” goals. 

In order to meet the Wobworld’s needs, MG Studio and it’s team, maintains a wide range of resources including it’s 500 s.f. to 160,000 s.f. stages with multiple HD edit suites, two sound stages including a hard cyc chromakey stage and an industry standard sound room with the latest software and hardware for quality music design. Their exceptional creative and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes MG Studio, the ideal multimedia studio to develop Wobworld’s quality content and productions. Click here to visit MG Studio's website.

Doc Phineas is that man the History Channel calls “America’s Favorite Professor!

Las Vegas Entertainer, and Professor, Doc Phineas Joins The Cast of Wobworld

We are currently in negotiations to add Las Vegas Personality, Doc Phineas to the cast of Wobworld, the Television Show. Doc holds a PH.D In Archaeological Antiquities from Shefferton University in England. On the small screen, Doc Phineas will appear as an animated character, helping and advising Dr. Fooie. In real life, Doc Phineas will perform alongside Christopher Gutierrez, actor and voice of Dr. Fooie. 

 Wobworld, The Live Experience, is planning a National, and World Tour of performances that will include; The Wob, Magic the Cat,

 and other on-screen favorites.

 To read more about Doc Phineas please click here

 "Throughout my career, I have tried to use my skills as an entertainer to make education exciting, and fun!"  - Doc Phineas

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 This is a critical, yet exciting time to become one of the pioneers to reshape the future by properly preparing our children today to face the many challenges that lie ahead. Together we can prepare them to become an empowered society that will be the inspiration for future generations to come.  

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